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The healing powers of the king...

Title: The healing powers of the king
Pairing/rating: Viggo and Bean, NC-17
Disclaimer: never happened unfortunately - except in our heads ;)
Feedback: we'd love it of course
Authors: moldava and liars_dance
Note: Prompt #40 - I wish I could carry you. You aren't fit to walk any further.
Words: 7537
Summary: Sean is distracted and sprains his ankle. Viggo tries some distraction of his own.

Shite... Sean thinks as he tramples wearily on, eyes fixed along the trail that weaves its way through tall pines. One step more, think just one step at a time and you'll be home in no time...

The little voice inside his head tries to sound encouraging, but it's sadly out of breath, just like Sean himself is.

See what happens when you stop doing your bit of exercise, minimal as it was and you know it, and spend your time sprawled on a couch with a book in your hand and a beer at your side? When was the last time you did anything strenuous? a second voice intervenes, the tone making it quite clear that this voice has been eagerly waiting for such an opportunity to remind Sean that he's not getting any younger or fitter.

Strenuous? In my book riding Viggo on said couch fair qualifies as strenuous activity... Sean snorts to himself as a fond smile curls his lips.

Suddenly he realizes that his snort has made the birds stop singing and he wonders if he's been too loud and Viggo will turn around to see what’s happening.

He darts a quick look up to check on the man preceding him on the trail, but the distraction proves fatal to his exhausted limbs... a large tree root trips him and he falls down with a muffled cry of surprise.

Viggo swears he's been hearing Sean think for the last twenty minutes. "Quit scaring the wildlife, Bean," he says with a chuckle in his voice but Viggo's heart seems to turn over in his chest as he turns on his heel only to see his lover sprawled on his front on the dusty track. "Ah, shit," he says softly, covering the short distance between them at speed. Squatting down, suddenly breathless and his mouth gone dry, Viggo strokes one hand through Sean's sweat damp hair as the other wraps around his shoulder.

"Reckon someone wasn't watching where they were going - yeah? Come on, love - up you get. We're nearly home."

"I was thinking about things, got distracted..."

The scowl in Sean's voice is evident even before a handsome, if slightly dirty face, lifts from the ground. Pine needles stick to a scrape on the defiantly raised chin, similar scrapes probably adorn the palms of Sean's hands, but he seems otherwise okay.

That is until with Viggo's help he stands up and his right ankle fails him, sending a sharp pain shooting up his leg and making him cry out in pain.

"What? What is it?" Viggo asks urgently, shifting his feet to better brace himself and bear Sean's weight. He scans his lover's face, suddenly pale and sweaty under the smudges of dirt and etched with pain and tenderly brushes some pine needles from his cheek with his fingertips, as his hold round Sean's waist tightens.

"I've got you," he whispers, his eyes fixed on Sean's face. "I've got you, love. Now tell me what hurts - your knee? Ankle?"

"Me ankle I think," Sean replies, his voice still tinged with pain. He rests his hand on Viggo's shoulder for support and tentatively sets down his right foot. A hiss escapes him as soon as he tests setting his weight on it and he bites his lip.

"Fuck, Vig, it hurts!"

The pain in Sean's voice seems to slice right into Viggo and he takes a sharp intake of breath, concern clearly evident in his face as he holds Sean's weight against him. "Shh... I know, love - I know," he whispers huskily, brushing his lips across Sean's cheek. "Sounds like you've sprained it. Try not to put your full weight on it. Lean on me - and let me bear the weight and help you get back home so I can make it feel better. No point taking your boot off here - because at least it's providing some support..." Viggo's words are urgent but soft, belying the fear he feels inside.

"Let's try a few steps - okay?" he asks softly, already wondering if carrying Sean would be a better alternative.

" 'kay," Sean nods, eyebrows knitting in concentration as he very carefully sets down his foot again, trying to keep most of the weight on his left leg and clutching Viggo's shoulder. He bites his lip to keep another hiss of pain back and nods again, more to convince himself that it can be done than because it really feels okay.

"I think I can manage if you help me. We're not too far from home, are we?" he asks, hopeful green eyes searching Viggo's face for the truth of it.

Viggo glances up the track, calculating their position, and then looks at Sean, hating the pain he can see in his expression. "Less than a mile," he says honestly, his voice as soft and as encouraging as he can make it. "We'll be home in no time and then I'll get a look at your ankle. You'll soon be feeling more comfortable, I promise..." Viggo offers a small smile and kisses Sean's cheek. "Okay," he says softly, adjusting both his backpack and his hold round Sean's waist, catching his thumb in a belt loop of his lover's pants. "Let's try this. But if the pain's too bad, promise me you'll tell me. No fucking heroics, okay? You ain't Richard Sharpe, remember..."

Viggo smiles and winks in an attempt to hide his anxiety about getting Sean down the track to his ranch. Perhaps if they could get to the river, he could leave him to rest and go get the truck...

"What do you mean I ain't Richard Sharpe? Of course I'm him - I mean, he's me!" the suggestion is enough to make Sean stand straight and proud and take a few steps on limping less noticeably.

"Know what, Vig? There was something sort of inhuman about the way Sharpe would rush around with his side half-open or a hole in his chest... sort of makes me feel like a sissy for feeling such pain just because I've sprained me ankle..."

"Of course there's something inhuman about him," Viggo replies with a slight shake of his head. "He's a fictional character - larger than life - a real hero. And of course, he's part of you - but he's not real. You are, Sean - and you're not a sissy, as you call it. You've damaged the soft tissues of your ankle and that kind of injury hurts. So quit trying to be the hero, quit doing yourself down and concentrate on getting down this path safely so I can get some ice on your ankle and get you some painkillers - okay?"

When Sean doesn't respond immediately, Viggo squeezes Sean's waist encouragingly and once more he kisses his lover's cheek. "Please?"

"Of course I know I'm Sean and in case you're starting to fret I haven't hit my head and gone daft..." Sean smiles and gives Viggo's shoulder a little reassuring squeeze. His face is pale under the summer tan though and each step forward costs a little more effort than the previous one and has him sweating.

He sighs, wanting to ask how much further it is to the house but knowing that it will make Viggo worry even more than he must be doing already.

"Okay, stop," Viggo says softly. He's seen Sean's face go paler with each step he's taken and that last sigh, no matter how hard Sean tried to hide it, is the last straw. "This is hurting you way too much. So we're going to do it another way. Just lean against that tree for a moment while I make a couple of adjustments..." Viggo carefully helps Sean over to the nearby pine and then swings his back pack off and pushes his arms through the straps so it is resting against his chest. He smiles and strokes Sean's cheek with his fingers.

"I'm carrying you down as far as the river. I'll leave you there for five minutes and go get the truck." Viggo turns so his back is facing Sean and bends his knees. "Come on, love - arms round my neck and climb on. And no arguing - please. You need to get home and this is the only way - okay?"

"You are the one who's gone daft..." Sean whispers, shaking his head in amazement as he stares at Viggo's back in total disbelief. "Try to make sense, love - if I kill your back - and I will - we'll end up stuck in the woods and we'll be devoured by the wildlife..."

Shifting his weight to make sure he doesn't unbalance himself, Sean leans forward and wraps his arms around Viggo, backpack and all.

"I can make it to the river. I didn't stop and think that from there you could go get the truck... I was thinking I would have to trudge along up to the house, now that I know it is less than that I can manage, I will manage.." he explains, his voice determined, as he rubs his cheek into the back of Viggo's hair, letting the scent of him soothe away worry and pain.

Viggo sighs and closes his eyes. "Fuck, Sean - why d'you have to be so damn stubborn? I want to carry you. You aren't fit to walk any further. Can't you just do this for me?" But even as he asks the question, Viggo knows he's in for a struggle, and it's a struggle that'll take time - time he'd rather use back home making Sean feel more comfortable with lots of ice and kisses. Viggo takes a breath, exhales slowly and tries again.

"Sean," he whispers, turning and looking into his lover's tired eyes. "This is just plum crazy. I can see you're in pain just trying to stand still. Fuck knows what further damage you could do struggling down to the river. We're wasting time here. So forget your pride and let me carry you - please? It's not far and you won't kill my back - I promise you that."

"Damn, Vig, how can you promise something like that? You've no idea how your back will feel until you start dragging me along..." Sean sighs, trying to scrape his pain-fuzzed brain together to find the right argument that will make Viggo desist from this crazy plan.

He lifts a hand to rub his face, hoping it will help clear his mind, but the movement unbalances him and he puts weight on his bad ankle.

"Fuck!" he cries out, the single word a hiss of pain.

"Right - that's it," Viggo replies, moving forward, his voice urgent now with anxiety and exasperation. "Look at you - you're shaking, you're sweating and in a lot of pain and I can't stand it any more. Fuck, Sean - you might have broken the damn thing for all I know..." He wants to move closer but the damn backpack is in the way so instead he smiles and strokes Sean's cheek with the backs of his fingers, and then kisses his lips softly. "So - either you climb on my back right now, or I'll throw you over my damn shoulder - but either way I am carrying you down this goddamn track. You choose."

Once more, Viggo turns his back and squats down a little, waiting for Sean to make his decision.

"You know, climbing on your back sounds like the best offer I've had today, but I wish I were doing it for other reasons than being carried down the track cause I'm lame," Sean says softly, reluctance still palpable in his voice, as his arms slowly curl around Viggo's neck.

"Thanks, love," he murmurs, nuzzling into Viggo's neck and pressing a kiss on warm, silky skin.

"My pleasure," Viggo whispers in return, unable to stop a soft sigh escaping him at the touch of Sean's lips on his skin. "And you're not lame - you're injured. Now hold on tight and let's get you home," he adds, curling his arms around the back of Sean's knees and slowly straightening, careful to avoid touching his lover's painful ankle. He stands for a moment, getting his balance and grateful for the backpack in helping him to do that, then takes a step forward - and another - and another.

"We're doing fine," he says softly, meaning it, as they make the slow descent down the tree lined track. It is not long before the river comes into view and as they approach it, with the trees thinning out now, Viggo's eyes search for a suitable spot for Sean to rest while he runs back to the house to collect the truck.

Sean's been very quiet, afraid that so much as a deeper breath or a whispered word might distract Viggo and unbalance them. He knows his own weight and he's well aware that this is not the piece of cake Viggo has made it out to be.

"I can manage from here," he says softly, his lips close to Viggo's ear. "You've done more than enough and I want you to sit down with me for a moment and catch your breath before you go for the car. Thank you, love."

"My pleasure," Viggo murmurs, moving as close as he can to a large flat slab of rock at the rivers edge. "There - now slide down gently and hang onto me till you can sit down safely - that's it." He waits until he can longer feel Sean's weight then straightens with a sighing breath. He then quickly tugs off his backpack which has left a sweaty imprint on his shirt from the exertion of carrying Sean down the track, before turning to his lover with an anxious smile.

"You okay?" Viggo asks, sitting down next to Sean and wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "I'll bring some painkillers back up with me so they can start getting to work before we take your boot off..."

"I'm fine. I think that, thanks to you, right now I'm a lot better off than you must be.. It doesn't hurt that much when I'm off it, it just sort of throbs," Sean explains, calling on his acting skills to make light of the dull, stabbing ache that pierces his ankle. He hasn't missed the look on Viggo's face, a mixture of concern and exhaustion and he doesn't want him to worry more than he's doing already.

"It'll be all right, stop frowning like that. Everything's all right when we're together," he murmurs gently, rubbing his cheek on the back of the hand circling his shoulder.

"I know it is," Viggo replies, putting a finger under Sean's chin and turning his face so he can look into those eyes. "But I'm frowning 'cause I know you too. I know when you're playing something down, so quit telling me you're doing okay when you're not. You've got pain written all over your face, so just be honest with me, Sean - please; that's all I ask." Viggo smiles though fatigue and worry make it an effort. The need to get Sean home and resting is all he can think about and unable to sit for any longer, he sighs and stands up.

"I'll go get the truck. Just rest your ankle and try to relax, love - and I'll be back in a few minutes - okay? We'll soon have you back home..." Viggo squeezes Sean's shoulder once, then leaving his backpack on the ground, he starts off down the track to the ranch, walking quickly at first, and then breaking into a run.

Once he's alone Sean squirms around a bit until he finds a position that puts the least possible strain on his ankle. It is now pulsing continuously, a sharp pain that makes his face look haggard. He squeezes his eyes shut and sighs.

You've only got yourself to blame... and Viggo is the one having to bear the consequences of it... having to carry you and rushing around to help you.. a little voice says inside his head. He bites his lip and shakes his head, trying to shoo the voice away, but he knows it is right. Then his eyes fly open as he realizes that it isn't important. No... It is important, but not in the way he thinks… It's important because Viggo has done this for him. And he would have done exactly the same for Viggo, had this happened to him.

Viggo arrives at the house, hot and breathless and wondering how long ago it was since he last run a mile straight... He throws open the back door and checks the freezer for ice and packaging he can use on Sean's ankle and pulls out a bottle of water from the refrigerator. Then he heads quickly to the bathroom for some painkillers, picks up the water and the truck keys from the hook behind the door before heading outside and towards the open barn where he keeps the open backed pickup. His heart rate slowing now, Viggo fires the ignition and reverses the truck out into the yard, then heads back up the track, hoping that Sean is okay. As he approaches, he slows the vehicle to keep dust to a minimum and is shocked by the pain he sees etched in Sean's face, despite his lover's attempt at a smile.

"You look awful," he says softly as he gets out of the truck and squats down in front of Sean. "I'm beginning to think you might have broken your ankle, love. Maybe I should take you straight through to the hospital at Boise..."

"Thanks, I'm flattered," Sean replies tartly, summoning up enough strength to give Viggo a grimace that is half-scowl half-smile. "And me ankle is not broken, so don't try taking me to the hospital or I'll jump off the pickup and then I will need to go to hospital for a good reason..."

"Please, love - I want to go home.. What I need to feel better is to be there and to be with you. Let's go home, Vig, I promise that if by tomorrow I'm still in a lot of pain you can take me there for x-rays. Okay?" he asks softly, leaning forward to cup Viggo's anxious face in his scraped hands.

Viggo swallows and rocks a little on his feet as he stares back at Sean, marvelling at how he uses the word home and that he really means it - and knowing when Sean looks at him like that and says please, that there is really is nothing in the world he'd refuse him...

"Okay," he murmurs huskily, lifting one hand to hold Sean's against his cheek. "We'll go home and I'll do my best to make you feel better - but only if you promise me you'll tell me honestly how it feels tomorrow - and so help me, Sean, I'll kill you if it turns out that you have broken the damn thing - and that you take some painkillers right now before you get in the truck..." His words sound a little harsh - harsher than he'd intended and suddenly Viggo realises how much he too wants to be home.

Viggo pulls the packet of pills out of his pocket and hands them to Sean. "I'm sorry, love," he murmurs. "It's been a long day. Here... I'll get you some water," he adds and levers himself into a standing position.

"Hey, come down here again; let me hold you a moment... I may be the one with the sprained - possibly broken though I know that it isn't broken - ankle but you're the one who looks like he might come apart any moment now.." Sean says softly, his eyes showing open concern as he gestures for Viggo to crouch down again.

"Stop worrying, love, please... Yes, the damn ankle hurts, but it's just that, nothing's going to happen except that I'll have to sit on my arse for a while and most likely drive you insane. Okay?" he asks, holding Viggo's chin.

"Okay..." Viggo sighs and leans into Sean's hand. "Guess I'm more tired than I thought," he says softly, carefully falling forward onto his knees so he can wrap his arms round Sean's neck and hug him without hurting his ankle. "I can't promise not to worry though," he adds, brushing his lips against Sean's ear. "I hate it that you're hurting and we're still out here and I just want to make it better - you know?"

Viggo pulls back and smiles. "But I'll be okay once we're home and I can get a look at that foot - so come on, love. Take the pills and then let's get you into the truck." Again Viggo levers himself up and this time he heads straight for the truck and the bottle of water.

Sean's answering smile lingers on his lips while his eyes follow Viggo's ass as its owner walks quickly and purposefully to the truck, and it is enough to smooth off his face some of the lines that exhaustion and pain have etched on it.

He's still smiling when a bottle of water is brandished determinedly in front of his face, together with two funny coloured gelcaps. He's tempted to ask if it's real Tylenol or just a no-logo drugstore brand but thinks again.. the pain in his ankle tells him not to be too picky and get those damn painkillers down where they're needed.

"There, done.." he says after gulping down some water. "Now help me up. Please.."

Five minutes later, Sean is settled in the passenger seat with his seat belt fastened and both hands gripping the dashboard. He'd insisted on doing it without Viggo's help but Viggo can see that fine sheen of sweat on his lover's forehead that reveals the effort and discomfort of getting into the car... "Nearly there now," he says softly, looking sideways at Sean before stowing the bottle of water and starting the engine.

Viggo turns the truck carefully, avoiding any jerky movements that might jar Sean's foot and slowly drives down the track and up to the ranch, getting as close to the back door as he can. "Just stay put till I get round there. Let me help you this time - yeah?" Cutting the engine, Viggo quickly climbs out and goes round to the passenger door and opens it. "Now lean on me as you get out. And take your time - it's not a damn race..."

"No, it's not," Sean agrees, maneuvering himself out of the seat and down the truck, having to lean heavily on Viggo to avoid setting his right foot down. "But I'll be a lot happier when I'm settled down on the couch knowing that I'm not going to have to move from there unless I need to go to the bathroom.. and no, that's not something you can do for me.." he adds quickly, before Viggo can get creative on how to take care of that without his having to get up.

"C'mon, I'm ready..."

"Oh I get it - the patient's getting all impatient now, is he?" Viggo asks with a soft chuckle as he opens the door and guides Sean through, still holding him around the waist. "And I take it you want the couch so you can laze there and boss me around while you watch TV? Okay, love - whatever you want..."

Before Sean can answer, Viggo pauses in the hallway on their journey through to the living room and leans quickly to kiss his lover soundly on the mouth. When their lips part he smiles. "Let's get an icepack on your ankle and get you comfortable. Those painkillers kicking in any yet?"

"Not yet... Sure they're good stuff? Stuff that works?" Sean asks, managing a wink and curling his hand around the back of Viggo's head, fingers carding through the longish hair at his nape.

"Or maybe you could give me another kiss - that does seem to make things better... Don't want to boss you around, I just want to curl up and be miserable and for you to care and try to make it better," he whispers softly.

A shiver passes through Viggo at Sean's touch and husky whispered words. Geez... even when you're hurting you turn me on... "Come on, then," he murmurs, helping Sean towards the couch and into a comfortable position - well, as comfortable as he can right now. "I'll care for you and kiss you and make you feel better - I promise..." Viggo returns to the kitchen and pulls the icepack from the freezer that he'd checked earlier. He wraps it in a clean teacloth and returns to the living room.

"Those painkillers should be starting to have some effect now," Viggo says softly as he squats down next to the sofa and very carefully starts to unlace the boot on Sean's affected foot. "They're good stuff as you put it - and they're in date - I checked," he adds with a wink. The boot undone, Viggo grips the heel and prepares to slowly remove it.

"Now try and relax, love - but I'm sorry - this is bound to hurt some."

"I know," Sean sighs, "still it needs to be done and after that it can only get better. Do it, Vig, just do it quickly, it's going to hurt anyway and at least that way the pain will be brief. The painkillers are beginning to work and the ice will do the rest. And you'll give me a kiss because I've been a good boy, isn't that right?"

Viggo's hands still and he smiles at Sean's earnest expression. "Sure you've been a good boy - you're always a good boy," he murmurs. "And you will get a kiss - and a lot more besides - once I've gotten this boot off of your foot. But I can't do it too quickly, love - cause your ankle's swollen - but I'll be as quick as I can..."

Viggo takes a breath and his teeth sink into his bottom lip as he manoeuvres the well worn boot carefully off Sean's swollen ankle. Tossing the boot to one side, he then removes Sean's sock so he can inspect the damage. The joint is swollen but there's no evidence of bruising or misalignment and Viggo sighs softly with relief as he reaches for the icepack and gently wraps it around Sean's ankle.

"There," he says softly, running both hands gently up Sean's jean clad thighs. "That'll make it feel better... okay?"

Sean hisses as the chilly pack gets in contact with his ankle. The first sensation is one of pleasant, cold-induced numbness, but then the cold seems to bring out the pain and it feels as if an icy pick is stabbing through his very bones. Still, he won't admit to it, he won't whine and have Viggo fretting again.

"Better... yes... sure.. so much better.." he pants, giving Viggo a determined smile, reaching out to grab his hand and hang on to it as if it were a lifeline.

"Shh.. relax, love," Viggo purrs, squeezing Sean's hand. "The cold helps reduce the swelling - but I know it feels weird - almost like it's burning... Shh..." Viggo climbs onto the couch and presses himself close as his lips brush along Sean's jaw.

"Love you," he murmurs, slipping one hand under Sean's body and starting a slow rhythmic rub across his lower back. "And I hate that you're in pain." Viggo's fingers work Sean's shirt buttons loose and he lowers his head, his lips finding an already taut nipple. "Want to make you feel better," he whispers.

"I'm already feeling better.."

And it's true this time, no need to put up a good face to spare Viggo some anxiety. The warm body stretched at his side and moulding itself against him chases the away the chilly unpleasant sensation of the icepack and makes him feel enveloped in warmth and love and caring.

"Are you trying to distract me?" he asks, amused, closing his eyes as Viggo's closed lips start teasing his nipple.

Viggo looks up, smiling a lazy smile. "Yes... and no," he murmurs. "I'm not doing this..." He pauses and sucks Sean's nipple softly, rubbing the hard nub with his tongue. "... just to distract you, love. I kinda thought you might like some slow afternoon loving even if you have sprained your ankle..." He continues to rub Sean's back, the strokes slow and rhythmic and presses a row of butterfly kisses across his lover's chest to his other nipple.

Once more Viggo looks up. "But distraction, rubbing, massage and other sensations can interfere with transmission of pain impulses in the spinal cord and stimulate the release of the body's naturally occurring endorphins. It's called closing the pain gate - I read about it sometime waiting for a flight..."

"My concentration sort of wandered off right after other sensations. I rather like how that sounds," Sean purrs, closing his eyes and trying to narrow down his consciousness to just Viggo, to the way his body feels against him, to the light scrape of his stubbled chin on the skin of his chest, to the hot slick tongue massaging his nipple.

"Why don't you tell me more about the.. ah.. naturally occurring endorphins?" he pants as sharp teeth suddenly decide to go on a grazing spree around his chest.

"Sure," Viggo whispers, and then sucks hard on Sean's nipple until he hears a particularly delicious whimper escape his lover's lips. "That's it - let's make that pain go away..." Viggo smiles and his hands stroke down Sean's chest and over his belly, coming to rest over the button of his pants.

"Endorphins are feel good chemicals released when certain nerve fibers are stimulated," Viggo murmurs, unfastening the button and slowly tugging down the zipper. "Slow, rhythmic stroking of the skin stimulates them best - like a cat licking a sore spot." As he starts to pull the soft cotton down over Sean's hips to reveal his rapidly hardening cock, Viggo looks up.

"I think licking slowly and rhythmically up the insides of your thighs would do the trick," he whispers huskily. "Want me to try that?"

"I had no idea that my thighs held hidden reservoirs of feel-good chemicals just waiting to get out under the right kind of stimulation... something down there is surely beginning to feel sore.. and I don't necessarily mean me ankle.." Sean remarks with a small gasp as his cock springs free.

"I think I'd like to try that - for the ultimate good of science of course," he murmurs, squirming a little and moistening his lip with the tip of his tongue.

As always that mix of humour and need in Sean's voice seriously turns Viggo on. And then he just had to do that little flick of the tongue... So now of course Viggo's mouth is dry and his pants feel like they're two sizes too small. "Thought you might," Viggo murmurs. "But unlike you, I'm not interested in testing the theory for the advancement of science..." Viggo sighs and lowers his head, brushing his cheek against the damp skin of Sean's erection as he tugs his lover's pants a little lower.

"I'm just interested in making the pain go away," he whispers. "And making you come - preferably down my throat..."

"Pain.. yes.. I'm definitely in pain.. need you to make the pain go away.. maybe you should try that thigh-licking trick.." Sean whimpers, shifting his hips to get Viggo's wandering mouth right where he needs it and managing instead to dislodge the icepack. His ankle briefly complains but is quickly shut up by other parts of Sean's anatomy that are calling out to him much more loudly right now.

"No trick," Viggo whispers, moving carefully down Sean's body and nuzzling the crease of his groin. "Just a lover's touch to make you feel good..." He brings his hands down to gently hold Sean's hips, his thumbs stroking in semi circles, then with a sigh, he lowers his head once more and licks once at the warm tender skin at the top of Sean's inner thigh.

"Tell me if its helping," he whispers, then Viggo's eyes close and a soft purr sounds in his throat as he moves his tongue in slow broad strokes up the inside of Sean's thigh..

Sean's eyes are squeezed shut but his lips are parted, to make up for the sudden constriction that seems to be squeezing the air out of his lungs, and his cheeks flushed. Viggo is right, the warm paths his tongue is tracing are no trick, they're like the rays of the sun piercing dark stormy clouds.

Slowly he relaxes, the tension caused by pain visibly ebbing from him to be replaced by a warm sense of well-being.

"Feels damn good," he whispers hoarsely.

"Good," Viggo murmurs, lifting his head for a moment to look at Sean's face. The pain that had been etched into those ruggedly handsome features is receding. "From here you look damn good. And you feel damn good under my tongue too," he adds, bringing his circling thumbs in a little so they're brushing through Sean's pubic hair and then lowering his head once more.

"Want you to feel wonderful," he whispers huskily, shifting his attention to Sean's other thigh.

"It always feels wonderful when you're around... my life's been like a fucking waking dream ever since you appeared in my back yard and we finally got together..." Sean can't help himself and his hands reach down, fingers tangling in Viggo's hair, massaging his scalp, just cradling his head as the man keeps doing wicked delicious things to his thigh.

"Uhm, sort of feels like those feel-good thingies are running pretty wild, you know..." he remarks, wondering if Viggo will ever notice the hard cock bobbing hopefully or if he will have to retrieve the icepack and put in on a new sore spot.

"Good," Viggo purrs, leaving one last long lick up the inside of Sean's thigh, pausing at the top to inhale the musky scent of the man and nuzzling his tightening balls as he tries to ignore the building pressure inside his own pants. Fuck... what he'd give to be naked right now...He could encourage Sean onto his side - then he could slide in deep and fuck him real slow and easy. The thought makes Viggo even harder and he growls low in his throat as he moves back up Sean's body a little, his fingers closing around his lover's erection.

"Love you," he purrs, squeezing the base of Sean's cock as his lips hover over the glistening head. "Let me make you feel really good..." he adds, then with a sigh, closes his mouth around the engorged flesh.

"God, good doesn't even begin to describe how you make me feel," Sean groans, his fingers moving restlessly, petting Viggo's head and shoulders. Warm pleasure spreads from the mouth enveloping him to suffuse his whole body, as if leeching away from him all pain.

He arches a bit, greedy for more, wanting to feel Viggo's body against his own, wanting to feel that warm pleasure permeate him from inside.

"Don't you think those feel-good thingies would work even better if you were to do some kind of deeper rubbing?" he asks tentatively, gasping more loudly as Viggo's tongue swirls around and around the head of his cock.

Viggo shivers reflexively at the images his lover's words create in his mind and he slowly lifts his head, Sean's cock slipping from his lips as he does so. "Shh, love. The sound of your voice is driving me crazy. The only thing I want more than have you come, gasping, down my throat, is for you to roll on your side and let me fuck you real slow... I know that'd make you feel real good. But I'm too scared I'll hurt your ankle..."

Viggo's voice is breathless and he moans softly, his cock threatening to burst out of his pants.

That soft moan is enough to have Sean trembling with sudden need. It is exactly the same kind of moan that Viggo does when his cock first breaches Sean's body, slow and sure and just perfect. And it makes Sean want that, want that slow invasion, that fullness, want it desperately.

"You won't hurt me ankle, we'll be careful, we'll be real slow, just the way you said.." he whispers coaxingly, just short of pleadingly, his eyes holding Viggo's.

Viggo sighs and closes his eyes momentarily. He can refuse Sean nothing when that certain note enters his voice - and he knows Sean knows that too. But who's he kidding? Viggo's been thinking about nothing else but a slow, loving fuck for the last ten minutes...

"Promise me you'll tell me if I hurt you," he whispers breathlessly, then rolls off the couch and quickly strips off his clothes. He hisses with need and relief as his almost painfully hard cock is released and then he kneels down to gently slide Sean's pants the rest of the way off. As Viggo's trembling fingers retrieve the lube that lives under the couch, he kisses Sean tenderly on the mouth and encourages him onto his side.

"Promise me," he whispers huskily, and presses two slicked fingers into Sean's body.

"I will," Sean purrs, knowing that he'll need to do no such thing because there'll be no pain. His ankle is feeling surprisingly numb now, must be the painkillers and those endorphins Viggo has been talking about. But just to be on the safe side he's keeping it out of harm's way, his knee bent and raised to his chest.

"Ah.." he whimpers softly as he feels the brush of Viggo's chest against his back and his fingers sliding in, slow and sure.

Viggo shivers in response to the sounds coming from Sean's throat and presses his body closer and his fingers deeper. But he's careful not to touch the spot inside Sean that will make him buck... "Love you," he whispers, his lips finding the juncture of Sean's neck and shoulder as he very slowly rubs his aching erection against his lover's hip. "Love you so goddamn much, Sean... need you so goddamn much too." Another slow shiver passes through Viggo as he gently slicks removes his fingers and slicks his cock. "Need to be inside you..." His last words are almost inaudible as he presses the head of his cock against Sean's slicked entrance.

"I'll be slow... real slow - christ, Sean, Sean..." Viggo gasps as he slips inside and slowly pushes in deep.

"Yess, like this.." Sean hisses feeling the slow invasion stretch and fill him.. so good, so damn right.. How could something this wonderful hurt? It heals, it makes whatever pain and cold and worry is left melt away leaving only warmth and pleasure and love.

"Your love is the best medicine, Vig. You feel wonderful. And you're making me feel wonderful.. There's just you.. no pain, no cold.. nothing else but you.."

Viggo makes a low possessive growl in the back of his throat as he rocks slowly in and out of Sean's body. The heat sheathing his cock is increasing with each slow grinding thrust and he's getting so close to losing it. But he doesn't want to rush it - he mustn't rush it... "Yeah, he whispers huskily, "Just me - loving you - always..." Viggo sighs, burying his head in Sean's neck as he slowly brings his still slicked fingers down to his lover's erection and squeezes it gently.

"Close, love," he whispers, knowing he can't hold back much longer. "So damn close..."

The rough note in Viggo's voice and the strong fingers wrapped tightly around his erection would be enough in themselves to bring him off. But there's more than just that. There's this wonderful heat and completeness he's feeling inside, there's the brush of Viggo's lips and chin on his neck. There's love.

"Just touch me harder and I'm right there with you.. I won't break," he whispers, reaching down to curl his fingers over Viggo's too-careful ones.

"I know you won't," Viggo breathes, his fingers reacting to Sean's grip and fisting his cock slow but firm, feeling the tightening of his lover's body. "But you're breaking me..." The last words are almost a sob as Viggo lets go. His hips snap forward and for a moment it feels like he's falling through the air and gasping for breath. The first spasm of climax makes him cry out and then his cock is pulsing in hot waves deep inside Sean's body.

Viggo's eyes close - and his world slowly narrows.

Sean's body locks, time stopping for him - stopping to let him feel the heat spreading inside him like a healing tide. Slow waves, one after the other, high and wild at first, and then becoming gentle ripples. He sighs, breathless and contented, and turns his head so that his lips can connect with some spot on the face buried inside the curve of his neck.

"Love you," he murmurs.

At the mumbled words, a slow smile of pleasure and contentment spreads across Viggo's face and he purrs softly, rubbing his nose against Sean's skin. He half thinks that he should retrieve and reposition the icepack, get Sean comfortable with his foot elevated, and clean them both up a little - before he gets him some more painkillers and a cup of tea - because Sean's sure to want a cup of tea... But doing all of that means moving from where he is right now - still buried inside his man and cradling him in his arms. No way, he thinks, not yet...

"Love you too, Sean - very much," he whispers.

"So it's true after all," Sean murmurs lazily into Viggo's hair, too contented to move a single muscle. "The hands of a king are the hands of a healer -hell, the whole body of the king seems to have healing powers... and his loving.. I have no words to describe his loving... I'm feeling like my bones have melted - beats whatever they would have been able to do for me ankle at that hospital in Boise where you wanted to take me."

Viggo smiles against Sean's skin. "Well, I don't reckon my 'treatment' would figure much in any national or local guidelines on the management of a sprained ankle," he murmurs, lifting his head and kissing the corner of Sean's mouth. "But if you're sure you're okay, then that's all that matters, I guess." His expression is sleepy and sated and his smile a mix of pleasure and relief that they didn't have to make the trip to Boise.

"We should strap your ankle though, love - to give it some support and it'll also help the pain. We can do that a little later, okay?"

"Later sounds good, it's feeling just fine now, sort of throbbing a bit but not really in a painful way unless I move it, which I'm not planning to do anytime soon. I think I'll live on this couch, I like it here... nice things always happen to me when I'm on this couch..." Sean explains as he squirms in Viggo's arms and settles on his back, leg carefully stretched again. The icepack has disappeared somewhere but he's not particularly worried about retrieving it now. He knows Viggo will insist on it coming back on, as he will insist on more of those funny coloured pills...

"Yeah, well nice things happening to you here or not, there are some things I can't do for you, love - as you rightly pointed out earlier - so you're gonna have to move sometimes," Viggo replies with a wink as he settles on his side next to Sean and drapes one arm draped over his belly.

"But talking of moving, I reckon I should do that. I need to get that icepack back on your ankle. Then I need to make you a cup of tea, and get you the footie scores, move the TV so you can watch it while I prepare some dinner - and then see to the horses..." Viggo yawns and smiles, snuggling in close to Sean's body.

"But you're so damn wonderful to cuddle up to," he adds. "Wake me up in ten, love - okay?"

"Sure, will do.." Sean promises, knowing that he won't. Feels too good to have Viggo draped all over him, feels too good to have that head tucked under his chin and that breath warming his neck regular as clockwork. Feels so right, so much like everything in the world is as it should be.. in Sean's world that is.

Rest, love...I need no pills or icepack right now. I need nothing but you... I have the best comfort blanket in the world and that is you.




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Oct. 12th, 2006 05:37 pm (UTC)
Aww! That was lovely *smiles happily*
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:03 am (UTC)
thank you! *g* We really enjoyed writing this one too!
Oct. 12th, 2006 06:17 pm (UTC)
So sweet! And given how regularly I twist or sprain my ankles, now I want Viggo to give me his pain treatment. *grin*

Glad to see you two writing these again--I've missed you and them!

Oct. 15th, 2006 11:04 am (UTC)
we've missed writing them too! But its been a joy to get back to it. Glad you like this :) And what many folk wouldn't give to have a dose of Viggo's special 'pain treatment'... lol
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:05 am (UTC)
thank you! :D
Oct. 12th, 2006 07:00 pm (UTC)
A beautiful fic - nice to see you writing together again!
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:05 am (UTC)
thank you! It was good to get back to these two. Hopefully we'll do some more soon, but we have other pups that are whining for attention!
Oct. 12th, 2006 07:16 pm (UTC)
This was lovely and warm - thank you! I enjoyed it a lot.
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:06 am (UTC)
Thank you - so pleased you enjoyed this. We enjoyed writing it too!
Oct. 12th, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
"You won't hurt me ankle, we'll be careful, we'll be real slow, just the way you said.." he whispers coaxingly, just short of pleadingly, his eyes holding Viggo’'.

And if ya hadn't had me before (which you did) you would've had me right there - and oh, it *was* slow, and warm, and loving and good all over, and just what I wanted right now. *Gets goofy smile* Thanks to you both!
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:07 am (UTC)
thank you!! We adore writing these two - and are just sorry we can't find the time to do it more often! Glad you enjoyed it :)
Oct. 12th, 2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
The emotional commitment of these characters, one for the other, sustains the story with only the two of them in it. Sometimes simple love and care are the hardest things to convey. Thanks for posting.
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:08 am (UTC)
thank you - that means a lot. We've been writing them together for three years now and I suppose the commitment reflects the commitment we have to each other as writers. In this universe, these two simply exist for eachother...
Oct. 12th, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)
So much warmth, loving, and concern. Just right! Thanks.
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:09 am (UTC)
thank you! So glad it hit the spot for you :)
Oct. 12th, 2006 10:34 pm (UTC)
Aw, I love these two men whenever you two write them! Is this just_viggo and just_sean? I can't remember if I've said this before, but I'd love to find out how they got together. That mention of Viggo suddenly appearing in Sean's back yard is interesting....

Anyway, I love this warm, loving fic. I sprained my ankle several times in my teens and boy, do I wish I had a tender loving Viggo (or Sean) to tend to me with their healing hands, hehe!
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! It's not strictly just_viggo and just_sean (in that we didn't write this as a public thread, but as back and forth via email project) - but it is in that universe. And you are most welcome to check out how they met up. I note you're already on both of their friends lists so go here to find the first meeting (you'll need to be logged in) and here to find the steamy sequel ;) thanks again!

Oct. 12th, 2006 11:20 pm (UTC)
*happy sigh*
Thank you.
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
thank you! We're really pleased you enjoyed it!
Oct. 13th, 2006 01:13 am (UTC)
This is wonderful. I love reading your joint fics.
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:22 am (UTC)
thank you so much - so glad you enjoyed it. We love writing them together too!
Oct. 13th, 2006 01:18 am (UTC)
So sweet!
This sentence made me cry and sigh happily, especially after a trying day!

>I have the best comfort blanket in the world and that is you.
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:23 am (UTC)
Re: So sweet!
that line made me whimper too! My partner's Sean kills me on a regular basis... ;) We're so glad you enjoyed this :)
Oct. 13th, 2006 01:27 am (UTC)
Lovely! It made my day!
Oct. 15th, 2006 11:24 am (UTC)
thank you, hon! Glad you enjoyed it :)
Oct. 13th, 2006 12:21 pm (UTC)
Um . . . I think it's me that needs the ice pack and cup of tea now!!

That was just wonderful!

"Viggo strokes one hand through Sean's sweat damp hair as the other wraps around his shoulder". So much love and caring.

""What do you mean I ain't Richard Sharpe? Of course I'm him - I mean, he's me!" the suggestion is enough to make Sean stand straight and proud and take a few steps on limping less noticeably. Yes of course he is . . . how could we think otherwise!! Bless him . . .

"...even when you're hurting you turn me on... I do love the relationship you've created here; they're so easy with each other and even when Sean's being stubborn (and that one time left alone, he does admit it to himself!),Viggo still has sympathy and endless patience - true love!

" "But you're so damn wonderful to cuddle up to," he adds. I would tend to agree!!! *winks*

What an absolutely marvellous piece - loving, bantering, caring, sensuous and downright happy! Thank you for brightening my afternoon.

Oct. 15th, 2006 11:27 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks, hon! :D We love writing these two and only wish we had more time to do it more often! These prompts have certainly given us a few chances to indulge ourselves, but this is the first one we've done since June so we are way behind with the challenge here!

We've been writing them in role play for over two years now as just_viggo and just_sean and in that universe, these lovely men exist solely for each other *sighs*
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Oct. 16th, 2006 01:27 pm (UTC)
Really beautiful story ! I am glad to see that you two are writing together again ! I feel all warm and fuzzy now !
Oct. 17th, 2006 07:57 am (UTC)
thank you so much! It was a delight to be writing together again so I'm pleasesd you enjoyed this :D
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